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Proven Strategies for Agency Legacy Application Migration [eBook]

In the midst of migrating legacy applications to the cloud?

Simple Technology Solutions (STS) has done 'IT' before. Download our eBook to learn about challenges of a legacy application migration to the cloud, metrics for success, and more! 

thumbnailDownload the Strategies for Agency Legacy Application Migration eBook to learn more about:
  • The Challenges of a Successful Legacy Application to the Cloud
  • What Metrics for Success You Should Track 
  • Cybersecurity Considerations
  • Cloud Compliance Considerations
  • Success Stories from other agencies
  • Next Steps: Working with the Right Technology Partner

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Check Your Organization's Readiness for a Succesful Cloud Migration

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ITOps to CloudOps Report Card

Utilize this checklist to assist your organization in transitioning from traditional data center IT operations (ITOps) to cloud-centric ITOps (CloudOps).

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