Case Study: AWS Identity & Access Management Policies



A large U.S. Government Agency required additional enhancements to an existing infrastructure and applications. They needed a system set up that allowed for easy tracking of resources as it applied to their billing of internal clients. They wanted to monitor data organization related to project management and budget administration within the existing infrastructure and applications which were setup by Simple Technology Solutions. It was imperative that the organization be able to determine where expenditures were happening, while also guaranteeing that they had a tagging system and policy in place that was enforced and utilized enterprise wide.


Simple Technology Solutions offered an assessment and analysis of the agency’s issue and realized that individual policy roles based upon job duty or responsibility must first be established. The organization needed to have roles for Administrator, Billing, Networking, and more created, and in turn, specific accounts had to be assigned access to said roles. The AWS IAM policies needed to be all encompassing in this regard so individual updating on a separate level could be avoided at all costs.



After analysis, Simple Technology Solutions decided the best way to solve the issues that the agency was experiencing was by creating Teraform IAM policies across all of the accounts. Then, after applying custom code to the policies, they could be applied across the entire cloud via only a few clicks of a button.


The customized AWS IAM policies are reusable and include version tracking. Through version tracking, an administrator can see what was changed, what has stopped working, and assess the overall speed and feasibility of the system as a whole.

Customized AWS IAM policies are reusable and include version tracking.


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